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June 19, 2012
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Chapter Two

The Count was just as confused as Mina was… though he knew the answer better than Mina did.
Igor didn't like it that the Count has become a nice, caring, loving vampire; Igor liked the old Count when he used to drink blood from younger women…
Now he's tied up with a pillow supporting his back, just imagining that he'd become his old self again if he haven't Mina, and he just knew he didn't like that old self.
He knew he could turn into a bat, fog, or a wolf, but what would be the purpose of changing to either of those when Igor will just tie him up again?
The Count knew it was hopeless… was it?
So, for the next who knows how many years the Count will remain in this cell like a prisoner.
Sure, Igor would come in once in awhile to say a few words or something, but the Count really didn't pay attention, he just wished he could see Mina one more time.
Will that day ever come true? "How long am I going to stay in here?" the Count finally found his voice to speak.
"As soon as you learn your lesson, Master." Igor replied.
"And vhen vill that be?"
"As long as it takes, Master."
The Count just sighed. There's no point in faking anymore, he knew that if he was in this cell any longer that old self would come back.
Not only would his old self come back… but his first victim would be Lucy… Mina's older sister, and he couldn't let that happen.
'What vould happen if I vasn't a vampire?' the Count thought and he knew the answer, none of this wouldn't have happened.
He wouldn't have met Mina… or would've he?
Well, he couldn't answer anymore questions, he just wanted the years to go by fast before he'll go crazy.
He wished he could just kick Igor out like he almost did, but that plan had failed and that's what got him in this mess.
The Count just sighed again. "So much for card night." He said to himself.
"Oh don't worry Master, you'll still have card night."
"Ha!" The Count really didn't laugh though. "Vhen my arms are tied up, I can so play cards!"
"Don't think—"
"You tell me to not think like that! Vhat's the matter with me liking one human child?" The Count knew the answer, but he wanted to know if Igor could admit it to him.
Once again, no response… just the old silence of the castle.
He couldn't even look at the comic books that Mina had brought over… there was so much fun and excitement between them… but now that's starting to fade away into the cold dark night… like a ghost.
One thing that kept him from not going insane is what he had said to Mina, "Now Mina, physical violence isn't the answer… pyschological domination is the name of the game!"
And that game has just begun, with no violence required, just pyschological domination, his supernatural powers, and most of all…
His friend Mina.
Chap Two :D :D
For those who are in "Mina and the Count Club" I will post in there, I promise you... now that I'm not so confused with how to do so anymore.
Again, just like I said it's going to be like this:

Preview image is going to be the character whose perspective the story is in.

They're all in third person... just thought you'd like to know. :D (for those who havent read Chap 1)
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VampiraLady Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
best quote - 'the old Count'.
yasminopalcaster Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe XD thank you sooo much. im glad you like it :D
You know it is likely Vlad can escape and tie Igor up before feeding him to the werewolves XD
yasminopalcaster Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
true as that may be... XD
if i did that the story would be much shorter XD and not only that, Mina wouldn't do what she's doing in the next Chap. :D
yasminopalcaster Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe :D XD
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