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It was just a regular night, Mina and her best friend the Count playing a game of checkers.
“It’s your turn, Mina.” the Count said, he was losing and he was doing that purposely.
Mina made her move, which was jumping over two of the Count’s black pieces. “Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Of course you can Mina.” the Count said as he smiled and made his move.
Mina once again jumped him, but just one piece. “Do you think you could help me play the violin?” she whispered.
“Of course, vhen do you vant to start?”
Mina gave him a smile as he made his move and she made hers, which was being a king. “I’d like to start after our game of checkers.”
“All right, we shall start after this.” the Count said as he then placed one of the pieces he jumped onto Mina’s piece which was now being “crowned” as the king.
Moments passed and they were finally done with their game of checkers, Mina had won.
After Mina had put away everything, checkers wasn’t the only thing that was out, her teacups were out along with her jump rope, she was just lazy to put them all away and plus, she really wanted to play checkers at the time; she then grabbed her violin.
“All right, let me see vhat you know.” the Count said, as he crossed his arms over his chest.
Mina gave him a curt nod as she closed her eyes and started to play what she knew, which wasn’t that much, but it was something and that’s better than nothing.
When she was done, she opened her eyes and held her violin to her side as the Count clapped. “That’s not too bad, but is that really all you know?”
Mina nodded her head sheepishly.
“Vell, you’re quite lucky that I’m here to help you.” the Count said, as he was sitting down on Mina’s bed with one leg crossed over the other and Mina was standing with her violin.
Then he got up and offered his hands to Mina. “May I?”
Mina nodded as she handed him her violin and that’s when he began to play some things, which was a bit more than Mina.
Mina couldn’t really help it but to be quite impress on how much he knew more than Mina, possibly a whole bunch more, but then she couldn’t blame him, after all, she does know that he is over seven hundred years old.
“Vhat’s this for anyvays?” the Count asked as he handed Mina back her violin, as he never really imagined Mina playing the violin out of the blue, there had to be more of a reason on why she was playing the violin, despite the fact that she and him pretended that he was her pre-violin teacher… but still, he never actually saw her having an actual violin… until now.
“I joined the school’s talent show and I wanted to show everyone how good I am at the violin…” she said, as she took her violin and started to lightly play some notes. “And I wanted you to see me play.”
“Of course I’ll vatch you play.” The Count paused as he sat back down, “Vhen is your talent show?”
“It’s in a week.” Mina said, as she then started to play her violin, spinning around a little bit.
“Is there anything that you have in mind that you vant to play?”
Mina stopped playing as she turned around to face the Count and shook her head. “Not really… do you?”
“Of course I do, I’ve got a whole lot on my mind right now.” He said.
“Could you play them for me?”
“Tomorrow night maybe, but right now I need to get back home while you go and get some sleep.” The Count said, as he got up off of Mina’s bed and took her violin out of her hands as he then used his telekinesis to put her violin away.
“All right… goodbye.” Mina said, as she watched him to into a bat and fly back home and once he was gone, she closed her window as she then went to change into her pajamas and with that, she turned off the light and got some sleep.
Once the Count made it back home, he turned back into his usual form and went to his coffin.
“Will you ever stop spending time with that mortal?” a voice was asked from outside of the Count’s room and the Count poked his head out to see that it was obviously Igor sitting down and watching the television, not even looking away from it.
“Be quiet Igor and mind your own business.” The Count said in reply as he then went to his room and went into his coffin.
Igor does that sometimes here and there, asks if the Count will ever stop hanging out with Mina, but it was obvious that the Count couldn’t.
The Count shook his head, to get Igor’s questionings out of his mind as he closed his eyes and got some rest.

The next morning, Mina got up and changed into her clothes as she then put her hair up in her usual ponytail.
When that was done, she grabbed her backpack and went down the stairs and was met by her older sister, Lucy.
Ever since that one night that the Count came over, Lucy just couldn’t get her mind off of him.
She was standing in front of the door with her arms crossed over her chest and staring down at Mina as Mina was staring up at her, holding onto the straps of her backpack.
“Get out of the way, Lucy!” Mina shouted, as she tried to get pass Lucy but failed.
“Not until I hear if it’s official that he’s coming over.” Lucy said, as she didn’t even budge from where she was.
“You’re so goofy!” Mina said, as she then turned around and stormed away and went through the backdoor and ran as fast as she could to her bus stop.
Once she got there, she waited for a bit until she saw Martha and waved hello at her and Martha gave a shy smile as she waved hello back.
By the time Martha got to where Mina was, Mina was the first one to ask a question to Martha.
“How are you?” Mina asked, with a smile as she was her toes, Martha was a bit taller than Mina, but that really didn’t bother Mina too much to have her complain.
“I’m… I’m all right Mina…” Martha said, as she wasn’t looking at Mina at first but then she looked down at her, which caused Mina to go back down on her feet as Martha gave her a small smile.
Martha was always so shy, which also didn’t really bother Mina… there were quite some things that didn’t bother Mina now.
For one thing, Nick no longer teases her ever since the idea that the Count suggested, Nick kept his teasing mouth shut.
Speaking of him, he was always walking towards where Mina and Martha were, but as soon as he got there, he kept quite the distance away from them.
Mina could only stare at him for a few moments as he was looking down at the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets.
Then the bus caught Mina’s attention as it came to pick them up.
Once they all got on, Mina had urged Martha to sit next to her, and Martha didn’t refuse.
The ride to school was the same as usual, talking with the other kids while Mina would try her best to talk to Martha, but Martha was the kind of person who refrains from speaking.
When they got to school, that was also the same as usual; they reviewed what they previously did before and learned something new, there wasn’t anything exciting about school like there was when Mina accidentally resurrected that frog and caused chaos upon the school.
Just the thought of all of that made Mina face desk, and that’s when Ms. Dupree came over to Mina, assuming that she was having trouble with the math problem.
“Are you having trouble Mina?” Ms. Dupree asked sweetly as she placed her hands on her lap and then kneeled down to assist Mina.
Mina lifted her head back up and looked at Ms. Dupree and shook her head. “No, I’m not having any trouble.”
“Are you sure?” Ms. Dupree asked with a pause. “I saw you plant your face on your desk just a moment ago.”
Mina nodded her head to assure Ms. Dupree that everything was all right.
“All right, if you do have any trouble, don’t be afraid to raise your hand.” Ms. Dupree said softly as she got up and went back to her desk and then she fixed her glasses.
Mina looked back at her paper and continued to work on the problem and later on during the day, it seemed that Mina did need some help with some of the work, so she raised her hand and Ms. Dupree smiled as she got back up to help Mina.
Moments later, the bell rang, letting all the kids know that it was time for lunch as they got up and headed to get some lunch.
Once lunch was over, the bell rang, and they all went back to their classes, Mina going back to Ms. Dupree’s classroom.
Now they were onto science, which then brought back the memory of her resurrecting the frog… and she face desk again.
Luckily, Ms. Dupree was done with the lesson as she walked back over to Mina and asked, “Mina, are you sure nothing is wrong?”
Mina looked back up as she grabbed her book and opened it to some random page. “I’m sure.”
Ms. Dupree giggled as she took the book from Mina. “Well, you’re on the wrong page Mina.” She then turned the pages to the correct page that everyone else was on and then she handed the book back to Mina and then she went back to her desk.
Mina looked back down at the book and began to read until the bell rang.
“Tomorrow, we’ll get back to history, so don’t forget your books and notebooks.” Ms. Dupree said, as she watched the kids exit her classroom.
Once they were on the bus, Mina sat by herself that time, as Martha usually stayed after school to do some of the activities that they have there.
Mina just sat there, holding onto her backpack as she looked out of the window and waited until they got to her stop, then she got out.
She watched the bus go by after she got off as she then walked up to the front and just hoped Lucy wasn’t there.
Mina opened the door and she wasn’t there.
‘Thank goodness…’ Mina thought as she let out a sigh of relief as she then went upstairs to her room, opened the door, went inside, closed it and then instantly put her backpack down as she then went to get her violin and started to play.
Until suddenly, the door was opened and there was Lucy, as she crossed her arms over her chest again and stared at her younger sister.
“Could you please leave me alone so I can practice my violin?”
“Well, where’s your violin teacher to help you?”
“He’ll be here in a few moments… will you just go?” Mina said, as she now crossed her arms over her chest and stared down at her sister.
Lucy stood there for a few moments as then both Mina and Lucy heard a vibrating sound and Lucy grabbed her flip phone as she answered the call and walked away to her room.
Mina then walked over to her door and closed it as she sat back down on her beanbag chair, not in the mood to play her violin for a few moments but then she closed her eyes as she crossed one leg over the other and continued to play.
After a few moments of playing, Mina opened one eye to check if Lucy wasn’t there to pop back in and interrupt her.
To ensure this, Mina got up and went over to the lock the door to her room.
Suddenly, Mina heard a knock as she smiled as she saw the Count just bending over and waiting for Mina to come on over to open the window.
He waved hello to her as she rushed over towards him, she opened the window and he came in as one of his hands were behind his back.
“I brought over a music booklet of mine if you vant to look through and see if there’s anything that you vould like to play at your talent show.” The Count said, as he revealed the booklet of his and Mina took it with a thank you as she looked at it for a moment and then looked back at him.
“Count,” she started off softly as the Count turned around for a moment to close the window and then turned back around to face her.
“Yes, Mina?”
“Is it all right if we practice my violin playing tomorrow night?” she asked, as she walked over to place her violin and booklet on her beanbag and then walked back over to the Count, who was now sitting on her bed again with his hands placed on his lap.
“Vhat changed your mind?”
Mina really wanted to spend time with him, but she also wanted Lucy to just shush up already.
Mina crossed her arms over her chest as she let out a sigh and looked away from the Count.
“Ever since you came to dinner, Lucy wouldn’t shush and just kept annoying me about having you come back over.”
“Oh, all right, I’ll be right back then.” The Count said as he got up and went over to the window and opened.
“Okay.” Mina said, as she just stood there with her arms crossed, a bit more relaxed as she watched him turn into a bat and fly away.
Mina went over to the window and closed it and when she did that, there was a knock on her door.
Mina went over to the door and sort of expected who would be on the other side.
It was, of course, Lucy.
“Where is—”
“He’s coming in a few moments.”
“I’ll believe it when—”
Suddenly the doorbell downstairs rang and Mina gave her sister a smirk as she then stuck out tongue and moved past her sister as she looked back and said, “I told you he would come.”
When Mina finally got down the stairs she went over and opened the door where it was, indeed, the Count and he didn’t have his cape on… which was a bit weird at first but he also had it off when he was seated at the dinner table.
“Who is it?” Mina’s father was heard as he was coming from what sounded like he was in the living room and then he was coming over to where Mina was.
Mina turned around as the Count just stood there, mouth clamped shut.
“It’s my violin teacher.”
“I don’t ever recall—”
“I invited him over… sorry that I didn’t ask…” Mina said, as she first glanced back at the Count and then looked back at her father and put her head down, feeling a bit guilty as she also had her hands behind her back.
“It’s all right…” her father was looking down at her when he said that when he looked up to look at the Count, Mina looked back up and looked at the Count.
“Did you come here for dinner again?” he asked, as he then looked like he was going to tell both Lucy, who was now coming down the stairs, and Mina to set up the table, but the Count finally spoke.
“No, no.” he paused. “I already ate.” He paused again. “I’m here to help Mina with her violin this time.”
“All right…” Their father shrugged as he turned to walk away but then turned back around as he then said, “If you are hungry by any chance, just say so, all right?”
“All right, Mr. Harper.” The Count said as he walked in and closed the door.
“Lucy,” Mr. Harper said.
“What dad?” Lucy asked, as her arms were crossed over her chest as she looked a bit annoyed about something but at the same time she had the look in her eyes that she was quite happy that the Count was finally here.
“Could you go and get our guest his cape for him please?” her father asked, as he was in the doorway to the living room.
Lucy looked like she wanted to protest, but without even saying a single word, she went up the stairs.
Mr. Harper finally turned around and went back in the living room.
The Count bent down as Mina looked back at him.
“Vhy is my cape upstairs?” he whispered.
Mina giggled. “When you suddenly ran out of here, you completely forgot about it and Lucy has kept it ever since.” She giggled again and then she stopped. “Which is really just weird, but she’s Lucy and that makes her goofy.” Mina said, as she shrugged.
“I see…” the Count said as he stood back up and watched as Lucy came back down with his cape.
“Is it all right if I can watch the two of you?” Lucy asked, as the Count took his cape back and put it on.
Mina didn’t really want Lucy in there, but if it would keep her mouth shut for a few days, or even weeks hopefully, then she would allow her to watch them as she then nodded her head.
The Count, however, was quite hesitant.
Could you really blame him?
He could hear Lucy’s heart beating as he did before… it was going to drive him insane.
After several awkward moments, the Count finally spoke.
“As long as you don’t interrupt us.” He said calmly and Lucy nodded as she then pretended to zip her lips, locked it, and then stuffed her hand in her pocket, as if stuffing the key in there that locked her lips shut.
With that, they all went upstairs to Mina’s room as the Count sat down on her bed while Mina went over to her beanbag to retrieve her violin and the booklet that the Count brought over here.
“First, I shall play you some of my favorites from that booklet that I brought over and have already memorized.” the Count said as he offered his hands to Mina once again. “May I?”
Mina nodded her head as she handed her violin to him. “Now, I von’t play the whole song, just a moment or two of it.” He said, as Mina nodded her head again and just stood there as she then sat down on the bed next to him, watching him play the violin.
He played six songs in total, Mina didn’t know why but she really did like the third one he played… maybe because it seemed like something she would hear him play…
“There, now vhich one did you like the most Mina?”
“I really liked that third one…” Mina said, softly.
“All right, that’s on this page.” He said, as he handed Mina back her violin and grabbed the booklet and opened to a random page and then he whipped some glasses on his face. “Then it ends here.” He said, as he flipped to the last page of the song, which wasn’t really that long.
He looked at Mina. “Do you know how to read music?”
Mina tilted her head side-to-side. “A little bit.”
“You’re quite luckily that I’m here to teach you.” the Count said as he then taught Mina what meant what and even showed her how to play it, as he now had her violin again.
As the time passed, the Count taught Mina while she copied him until he finally had to go back home.
“Keep practicing that Mina and you’ll be able to play that in no time.”
“I will.” Mina as she gave him a curt nod as he then got up and she and Lucy got up as well as then they all followed him but Mina stayed at the top of the stairs while Lucy was down at the bottom.
The Count waved goodbye as Mina waved goodbye back, Lucy did too, but in more of a flirty way, which Mina could only cross her arms over her chest and roll her eyes as they both watched the Count open the door, got out, and closed the door.
After that, Lucy finally turned around and Mina was sort of expecting her to say that he has come over again, but instead Lucy had a small smile on her face as she walked up the stairs with her arms crossed over her chest as she then went to her room.
Mina back went to her room as she then closed the door and started to practice the song, Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor.
The Count wanted to go back but he knew that it was getting a bit late and Mina would obviously practice, so he just turned into a bat and went back to the castle.
Igor didn’t ask his question, but he was watching the television again.
The Count went to his coffin and got inside as he then got some rest.
Mina, on the other hand, practiced the song three times in a row and when she was done with her fourth time, her father opened the door.
“Mina, it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.”
Mina sighed as she then put her things away and went over to grab her history book as she then put it in her backpack and then she went over to her father and gave him a hug and kiss goodnight as he then left the room and closed the door.
After that, Mina changed into her pajamas and took her hair out of her ponytail and then went to bed.

The next morning, school was the same as usual, nothing really exciting again, just the usual learning, note taking, eating of lunch, and then going back to class to continue the learning and note taking.
When school ended, Mina went home and into her room and instantly practiced that song… because the talent show would be here before she knew it.

…One week later…

Mina was right, it was a day before the talent show and she was very nervous.
The Count was over again with Lucy in the room again, sitting on her beanbag and watching the two of them, since the Count and Mina were sitting on her bed.
“All right Mina, tomorrow is the night of the talent show, am I correct?”
Mina nodded as she held onto her violin, nervous to the core.
“Relax Mina, you’ll do great out there, I promise you.”
“How are you so sure?” Mina paused. “What happens if I mess up?”
“You won’t, I assure you.” the Count said as he then gave Mina a smile that reassured her. “Now, let’s hear it.”
Mina gave him a curt nod as she then closed her eyes and played the song.
When she was done, both the Count and Lucy clapped.
“See?” the Count asked as Mina opened her eyes. “You didn’t mess up at all.” He paused. “You’re going to do a wonderful job out there.”
Mina smiled as she slowly relaxed a bit.
“It’s time for me to leave.”
“Already…?” Mina asked, as she looked up at the Count, as she was looking down at the floor for a bit.
“Yes already.”
Mina sighed as she waved goodbye to the Count and he left the room and went out through the front door.
Lucy left the room as well after the Count left but she went to her room.
Mina could feel nervous all over again but had to remember that the Count was going to be there, so her nervousness didn’t get the best of her as she then put her violin away and changed in her pajamas as she then closed the door, undid her ponytail and then went to bed, ready for tomorrow.
When the Count got back to the castle, he instantly went over to Igor and Igor finally wasn’t watching the television but was in the room where the television was as his arms were crossed over his chest.
The Count mimicked him and crossed his arms over his chest. “Vhat is it now Igor?”
“You and the mortal is still quite a big problem.”
“There is nothing you can do to stop me even if you tried.” the Count said, as he and Igor kept their arms crossed over their chest.
Igor was silent after that, even though he had tied him up but the Count escaped that easily.
“Exactly.” the Count said, with a pause. “Now, I won’t be here tomorrow night.”
“How come…?”
“Vhy should you know?”
“I have the right to know don’t I?”
“You do, indeed you do.” The Count paused. “Mina is having a talent show tomorrow night at school and she has vants me to watch her play and I told her I vould.”
“Will you ever just leave that mortal girl alone?”
“Now I have my own right to not answer that question.” The Count said, as he then turned around and left to go to his coffin.

The next morning was the usual as ever, school and learning and all of that jazz… the only thing that was different was when Mina went back home, she got ready for the talent show, which then brought back her nervousness.
Lucy was actually now not at the house and was hanging out with some of her friends at the time being until it was time for her to come back home so they could go to the school and see Mina perform.
Mina got ready, dressed in something nice and nothing like she would usually wear.
The Count was also over, but he went through the window, as he usually does.
“Mina, you look adorable.”
Mina felt herself blush and realized how goofy she looked so she shook her head which caused her blushing to disappear. “Thank you.”
“Are you excited?”
“I’m more nervous than excited Count.” Mina said, as she then closed her eyes and started to play Hungarian Dance No. 5, as she was also spinning around a little bit again.
Moments and moments went by as the Count said his goodbye and would see Mina at the school and Mina waved goodbye as he turned a bat and flew away.
Mina closed the window as she continued to play the song until it was time for them to go.
When they arrived at the school, Mina went to the Auditorium and was in the back where she saw a bunch of other kids in there.
Mina wanted to practice her violin again as she did while they—her, her father, and Lucy—were in the car getting their way here.
Mina poked her head out of the curtain and saw a whole bunch of people as her father was in the fifth row, tenth seat while Lucy was up and looked like she was searching for someone… that someone Mina had no clue of.
Mina hid back behind the curtain and went to be in the sides and just grabbed a chair and watched.
The Count, however, was not having it so easy as he spotted Lucy before Lucy spotted him—since he is the person that she was looking for, as she assumed that he would be here to watch Mina.
He ducked down low in his seat, so low that he was close to just slid off of the seat that he was in, which was the very last row and in the middle.
Though, he was quite lucky that other people were coming and taking the seats next to him, so he sat back up so he wouldn’t look awkward in front of other people…
He thought he was going to run for it like he did when I had Mina’s garlic soufflé and Lucy wanted him to then have her garlic and onion stew, because he could hear so many heartbeats around him.
He did his very best to ignore them all, but when Lucy started to come up where he was, he took the pamphlet that he grabbed and put it in front of his face, as he was wearing gloves to cover up his unusual light blue skin.
His face, however, he had makeup on and was actually quite thankful for the fact that his skin was cold and that how the Auditorium was cold as well, even though he really couldn’t sweat, it was still nice.
As for his fangs… there was absolutely nothing he could do about that, they surely weren’t retractable as he sometimes wished they were… they just stayed there.
When Lucy went out the door, the Count lowered the pamphlet down only to let out a quick sigh of relief through his nose as he then lifted it back up because the other door was opened and he could see from the corner of his eye that Lucy was still looking.
Finally, when the lights started to dim down, Lucy gave up and went back to sit next to her father as the Count lowered the pamphlet back down.
The principal then came on the stage and greeted everyone to the talent show and enjoy it as everyone clapped, they started off with a girl doing ballet when she was done, everyone who was sitting down clapped while she bowed and left.
Moments have passed and kids were doing all sorts of things, some of them sang solos while others do duets, there was some more dancing some were solos others were duets or even three or four people, and there were even some people performing magic tricks.
More moments have passed until it was finally Mina’s turn.
The Count was the first one to wave as Mina then waved back which caused Lucy to turn around to see who it was that Mina was waving at but the Count was just in time as he looked down at the pamphlet like others were doing.
Lucy turned back around so she and her father could wave at Mina and Mina waved back to them as she then closed her eyes, inhaled and exhaled and played the song.
She was still quite nervous, but as soon as she saw the Count wave at her and as soon as she played, she was finally confident until she was done playing the song she opened her eyes and curtseyed as she then wanted to skip away and so she did.
After that, the rest seemed to fly by so quickly, a little too quickly it felt like, but when it was over, everyone clapped as the principal came back to the stage and told everyone that he was happy once the lights started to turn back on, most people got up while others stay seated and the Count was one of them.
Mina greeted her father and Lucy first as her father said that she did a wonderful job while Lucy didn’t say anything at all and wanted to find the Count.
That’s when Mina said she had to go to the bathroom, when she really didn’t have to as she really finally figured out who it was that Lucy was searching for, she felt so stupid how she couldn’t figure that out until just now.
It took Mina quite awhile to squeeze through everyone as she finally found the Count, who was sitting down with the pamphlet in his face, as he was the only one who was wearing gloves, and Mina was quite happy that there was a seat empty next to him.
So she sat down next to him and the Count didn’t do anything for a moment, as he assumed it was Lucy but then when he felt the person tap on his shoulder, he looked to see that it was Mina and smiled.
“I thought you vere your sister for a moment there.”
Mina giggled. “I could tell.” She paused. “Thanks for coming, it meant a lot to me.”
“You did a great job Mina.” the Count said, as he smiled remained. “You should play the violin more often.”
“Will you teach me?”
“Of course I vill.”
Mina couldn’t help it but to hug him, he was the closest thing to a best friend Mina could ever have in her life and that meant a lot to her.
The Count hugged Mina back for a moment as Mina let go and got up. “Now it’s my time to leave.” Mina said, with a giggle as she then slightly frowned.
“Don’t be sad Mina, I’ll alvays come over to visit you, this isn’t the end of that.”
“It’s not that…” Mina said. “I just wish we could spend more time together and that we didn’t have to leave each other so soon.”
“Mina,” the Count said as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “I’m thankful vith the time that I do get to spend it vith you, it’s better than nothing.”
Mina gave him another hug, only this time it was quick as she let go and had to go back through the crowd to join with her father and Lucy.
When Mina left, the Count got up and went to the door on his left as Mina, her father, and Lucy were on the right side, heading for the door on the Count’s right.
The Count felt very accomplished that he survived in there without being caught or spotted by Lucy, because he would really lose it right then and there.
Once both Mina and the Count got back home, they both went back to their rooms and could only wonder what else could happen to them.
Mina thought about that for a moment as she then decided to reward herself by watching some television, something she hasn’t done in awhile.
The Count, however, thought about that a little bit more than Mina had, but then he shook his head as he then decided to reward himself by reading some of the comic books that Mina left there.
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Soo here's the song that Mina was playing (it's just the violin and the piano) —…

Mina and the Count and other characters (C) — Rob Renzetti 
Idea (C) :iconadorkablepeanut314:
Writing (C) :iconyasminopalcaster:
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YOU'RE WELCOME! :glomp: 
Thank you~ :la: 

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it, it means a lot to me~ :iconlahugplz:

By the way, thank you for the fave on this~ :la:
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